How to find your hidden talents, gifts and true passion as a coach, healer, lightworker etc.

So you can turn it into a magnetic marketing message in your soul/heart based business, attract your ideal people and earn the income and freedom you desire.

Do you dream about launching or growing your online business as a coach, healer etc? But.....

  • You Want to do it by offering your deepest, unique skills and talents, so you can feel aligned and on purpose?
  • You Have trouble identifying exactly what your skills are? Or you can't choose the right ones to start out with?
  • You feel stuck because you can't hone in on your magic - and you don't get your business launched or growing?

Your struggle is real......and not because you are wrong

Many people struggle to identify and own their greatest gifts. Actually up to 70% of us. But the thing is, that when we are confused and don't have clarity, our magic and voice gets stuck inside. 

I am here to tell you that there is an art and science to uncover your gifts, talents and true passion. A process that will give you the full understanding of "what you are here to do". A process that allows you to put your gold to the paper so that you can start sharing it with the world from a place of empowerment, love, truth and clarity!

For a moment, quite your doubt and inner "smallness-voice" and realize, that:

  • There is something you are born to do, and you can find it and share it successfully with the world
  • If you feel a yearning to help people grow and shine, it´s there for a reason. The calling you sense is legitimate
  • Your voice and skills matters in the ascension process we go through as a planet right now. You are needed!

There is nothing wrong with you kindred spirit!

You feel confused, doubtful and disconnected from your true talents for a reason. If often sparks a mysterious barrier within you where you:.

  • Start to think, that you "don't get it" and that you have deep wounds to heal..
  • Begin to either overwork, procrastinate or get OVERLY obsessed with all the shiny objects out there, that pop up ALL THE TIME. (Most of them useless). 
  • Feel less capable and loose self confidence and motivation because you have no return from your investment - of time, money and energy.
The reason you feel this...

Is because:

  • The template in the old world paradigm was designed to make people dim down, play small and feel insignificant.
  • You have not been taught to cultivate and honour your true gifts, but only the superficial ones to offer in a corporate world  - not as an entrepreneur where you are the current.
  • Shame, separation and Ego still runs in our systems. Causing us to be "blinded" from our truth

Your voice matters  There is a reason for the song in your heart

The magic combination you need

To let your message unfold with clarity and confidence.......

Discover, what you are born to do - and reclaim your souls/essences voice & greatest gifts

Align with the new you and master the art of putting it to the paper to share it

Get visible - Set yourself up for success in the new earth online knowledge industry

This combination 

empowers you:

  • To be in alignment with your true voice in everything you do, whether it is marketing, SoMe messaging, choosing niche and building your brand.
  • Expand, earn and thrive in a way that’s aligned with your values, true voice and gifts.

I struggled myself for many years to hone in on my truest, deepest gifts.

This was both a mystery and an embarrassment to me as I have worked for 20 years as a coach, therapist and healer (of the wounds that keeps people stuck in smallness and insignificance).

Actually one of the services I had huge success with was to help people reach their dreams and goals in their career and business....By, yes you guessed it, discover, own and voice their greatest gifts and passion. 

Being on this "discovery" journey myself...

And working with thousands of people.

Made me discover the process, science and art behind moving through blocks, resistance and "invisibility-fog" - and get to that place of clarity and self-acceptance where you, like magic, realize what you are born to do best.

I also realized that I, without being aware of it, had utilized a certain hidden skill within me to "feel into peoples potential". This skill is my clairsentient ability. I also possess an ability to "see" outdated structures and beliefs inside humans, that needs to be uncreated for us to step into our power.

I know that you can get to that place of crystal clarity

When I could, and thousands of my clients could, so can you. And you can have an unfair advantage of being catapulted by my knowledge and system. Something that will make you realize your secret sauce in a powerful, aligned and fast way. Without wasting more time, money and energy (and sleepless nights because you can't get ahead with your dream as as coach, healer and lightworker.

I invite you to consider journeying with me into your light by joining my 10 week program:


The Soul Mission Alignment Blueprint

Reclaim and monetize your deepest gifts and true voice 
And be a wizard of utilizing the "new paradigm soulaligned get visible skills", that will get you to mission accomplished. In 10 weeks or less.
- Even if you have started to doubt, it will never happen

"Have you been called to start or grow a business Aligned with your voice, gifts and dream - but don't feel like you really found your real client magic....? 

You are going through the motions but it doesn't feel right, and you never found the success and clarity you imagined".

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to discover your gifts, talents and true passion and learn to get  magnetic to your soul and heart tribe in 10 weeks or less using the Soul Mission Alignment Blueprint.

You will rewire yourself to be the messenger of that voice and purpose, so that In the end of our 10 weeks together:
  • You know exactly what you are here on planet earth to do, as well as having full clarity on your voice, message and mission
  • You Feel 100% Confident In Your Capability To voice your gifts to your people 
  • You Will Have Created Your Messages, Offers, Marketing And Brand - Ready To Take Your Business And Income To Where You Dream It To Be!

A 10 Week Fully Supported Journey To Find Your Mission, True Voice and Reach Your Dream In Your Business by utilizing the power of your hidden talents.

Designed specifically to you

To make sure you get from unclarity, confusion and self doubt to full OWNERSHIP of and alignment with your gifts, your mission and the message & transformative powers, you want to be known for....

The soul crushing phenomenon that nobody really talks about......

"I forgot how to tap into remembrance of my inherent magic", is a very real struggle. This is actually what most of us got entangled in:

  • Through life and all its hard lessons...mostly about dimming down
  • Through conditioning and disempowering collective beliefs
  • Through the old paradigm of: "Little and insignificant is safest"... 

When You Enter Full Clarity On Your Gifts, Voice And Mission It Is Like Coming From A Fog And Out, Into The Light!.

I feel so much on purpose my heart is bursting:

 “I wake up every morning with a deep inner feeling of bliss.

I am so overflooded with inspiration, ideas and creative energy, that I have content for years - content, that are in FULL alignment with me and what i want to share in my business".

I have truly changed. I can nearly not remember the old me! Thank you!

Helen Ozalp

Soulbusiness owner

I can move on now:

“Helena was able to get to the very root of the problem I have had all my life 

- but could never figure out where came from. Through the exercises in the session, I suddenly "fell" into the offspring of this energetic block.

I left the session with pure love and gratitude - over finally, after 52 years, being able to address the original "blocked" feeling. From the heart, thank you. And thank you for your way of persistently being with me, listening in and asking the right questions".

Mike Carney

Souldriven creator

My path is unfolding effortlessly in front of me:

“Its a miracle Helena!.

Suddenly its like my path is manifesting effortlessly in front of me. I have a beautiful, vivid image for my inner eye. Like thick lava its paving my way, and I no longer feel doubt about what I am here to do, or what road to follow. I am freed up to make the right decisions - for ME!

Anne Mette 

Artist & Woman with a vision

What you will master after our 10 weeks - together:

Week 1 and 2
You will master

Crystal Clarity on your gifts, your mission and your unique skills

The clarity that will dissolve 80% of the blocks and misconceptions you are caught in
  • Your Mission, superpower skills/talents and a template for bringing them to the world
  • What is it you truly desire to create, and how to make your brand
  • Clarity on your unique healer blueprint

In the first week of the program, you will receive a beautiful, life changing bonus:

A profound, game-changing magic Soul  Blueprint // Soul Realignment® -reading by the psychic/healer/Akasha reader Ingrid, my partner.

Through a blueprint reading from my dear colleague, where she will tap into your souls energy, you will gain total clarity on what is your souls blueprint, your special energy and your unique set of skills and hidden gifts.

This insight, will be your foundation through your 10 week journey.

Week 3 and 4
You will master

A powerfull new template for your mission and business 

Cut the noise and the confusion - master the art behind sharing your message
  • Attunement. We get raw and real with your dream, your current state, your idea, and your intention. You will gain a new “bulletproof” template for your dream via my feedback, and we will work on letting you release what is not in alignment with the truth of the new you
  • Right path. We set you off on the right track from the start. In terms of your mission statement for your website and offers, your ideal client, marketing channels and the articulation of your offer(s), so that they will attract the right clients and desired income to you
  • You walk away from module 2 with powerful written templates you can use on your website, your social media, etc. For one core offering/product/course – templates that clearly signals your soulmission, purpose and superskills. 
Week 5 and 6
You will master

The new paradigm way to talk directly to your tribe

- find your customers - with full support and feedback.
  •  Leave overwhelm behind. The BEST way to get infront of your people. Fully supported - no more wasted time.
  • System in place. Completed set-up of your funnels in terms of lead capturing, autoresponders, and templates for enrolment.
  • Find your people. You will learn where and how to find your customers, so you can scale your business, with or without paid advertising.
Week 7 and 8
You will master

Radiate what you want to be known for

- Determine, what you are the leader of. A cause, a movement, an ascension process to consciousness, or?
  • Step into being the leader and messenger of your vision.
  • Free up your dormant ”supernatural” state of aligned creation, radiant messaging and divine sourcing from the unlimited field of possibilities.
  • Enter flow, manifestation and peak performance, nearly instantly!
Week 9 and 10
You will access

Mission accomplished! Let it all unfold - with clarity and alignment 

- Your rock solid foundation is launched. Now you can move on, in the right way
  • You are confidently freed up to enter mastery and brilliance
  • You will have a clear step by step plan for continuing with mastery
  • You know exactly who you are as a entrepreneur, and how to head into the future


Total value 1697 USD

From overwhelm to the mindset of a pro

Insider knowledge to gain momentum:
  • Aligned messaging: Secrets on how to NEVER again be confused about how to create salespage, offers and ENGAGING content
  • Low budget ninja: Create your logo, your branding and your visual templates, and how to outsource your tasks, with a low budget
  • Effortless biz foundation: Exactly what are the best frontend editor, hosting and websitetemplates - and how to set it all up, in the cheapest way possible
  • Magic niche wand: Never again question the needs of your niche. Learn how to find their biggest pains, in a quick, easy and reliable way
Total value 499 USD

Radiate to manifestm

Learn how to:
  • How to raise and keep your energy and vibration high - in a nurtured body 
  • Show up as a leader to spark trust and expertposition
Total value 159 USD

The less known way to market for free

Learn how to:
  • FB secrest to get visible
  • Engaging actionprompts to get attention
Total value 297 USD

Own your value in the customer engagementm

Learn how to:
  • 3 part training on
  • How to show up with confidence
  • How to "look" through difficult customer behavior
  • How to decide the perfect type of client for you
Total value 159 USD

Free follow up, strategic call after one month

60 minute call to:
  • Get all your questions answered
  • Get rid of all uncertainty
Total value 397 USD.

Details of course content

The when, where and how

Start:  When you payment is received and 10 weeks ahead. T

Included: 5 1:1 coaching/strategy/clarity sessions - where of one of them is a soulblueprint reading. Individual bookings when it fits your calendar.

Content: Every week there will be trainings available for you accordingly to content In the 5 modules. Video, Guides and tasks.

Q and A: you will get 2 exclusive, only for you Q and A sessions during the 10 weeks in addition to the free access to me on mail during the course.

Knowing who you are is the SECRET SAUCE

To live a purpose-driven life, knowing who you are is non-negotiable.

If you don't have clarity around who you are, you can't give your best.

All of the small moments where you are being your truest, highest self and giving your all will lead to creating a giant world of success.

Raj Jana |

About Helena

Helena has helped corporate people find and express their superpowerskills in their worklife for 20 years. And also helped women tap into their inner goddess and remembrance of their true feminine wisdom - both in her 2 online services.

Her method served as a potent way for them to reach their career goals by gaining the "understanding", that their unique potential and talents, if expressed with the rigth words and value, is the secret sauce, that will pave the way to their dreams and success.

3 years ago she realized, that a part of what she was doing, unknowingly, when working with clients, was to utilize her clairsentient abilities to tap into peoples deepest, often hidden, desires, into their true potential and gifts, and into the blocks holding them back.

This, together with 20 years experience mentoring people to reach their dreams, is a powerful combination.

The Soulbusiness solution, is based on a cause to bust the old paradigm of "You are not worthy, gifted or entitled to have, what you truly desire". 

So from there people can bypass the "invisible barrier" that keeps them stuck in a small or "shadow-edition" of themselves.

She has worked with thousands of people and has a nearly 100% track record in terms of getting people to mission accomplished. Entrepreneur for 10 years. Digital nomad, settled on two continents, in the beautiful mediterranean area.

Meet Ingrid

The psychic and Soulprint reader, who will perform your initial Soulblueprint reading when you enter your program.

"During a weekend workshop back in the late 90’s I understood that all of us have an enormous slumbering potential, and I promised myself to open to this and activate my own abilities.

  • In 2000 this led me to the Spiritual School of Ascension, in which I laid the foundation for my spiritual work and learned about energy work and channeling, to release karma and read past lives, unconsious patterning etc.
  • During the years I have offered private consultations, talks, meditations and workshops. Through this I have been privileged to meet and guide thousands of people from all over the world.
  • From my 20 years of experience of personal/spiritual development I have gathered a working toolbox that I use daily, both in my own process and with clients. 

I feel honoured to be able to provide you with your soulblueprint reading.

"I can now hear my heart and souls intentions":

“When I came to Helena, I felt trapped in my mind and frozen with confusion. The sessions we had was very powerful.

They helped me find a point of focus within my body and I was able to hear clearly my heart's intentions.

I now feel myself trusting myself. I still practice the Quantum Flow by myself. POWERFUL STUFF!".

Marjanie Love 

Healer In search of soulpurpose

"I am quite surprised by the results of my online presence":

With Helena's help I got my core profile down on “the paper” so I could share it online and actually share my services with the world.

That was huge for me as I don’t know much about how to present myself “out there”. 

I am quite surprised by the result: Shortly after the presentation of my new business was out there, I started to get contacted by people in my network, and outside of it!

That’s a big thing for me, as I feel very humble about making myself visible. But I am super excited about the results. And I know I have to do this to get customers into my new business!

Suzanne - Independent Consultant for large companies:

"My first post got huge engagement":

Helena, I am in awe over the feedback on the new post we posted online: 

It received 104 likes, 59 comments and 6745 views. It's crazy. I have also been contacted by a recruitment company because if it.

Martin - In the digital industry

What would you be able to do, with your life and your business, if you had clarity......?

That kind of clarity and knowing, that not many people ever get...

The knowing bringing you a state of being where you wake up every morning and feel gratitude.

Because you make a living with your skills, you are overflooded with the deep sense of being on your RIGHT PATH. True to your soul, to your you!

Knowing your mission
is critical

To be fulfilled you must....

"If you want to be fulfilled, happy, content, and experience inner peace and ultimate fulfillment, it’s critical that you learn how to find your passion and life mission".

Jack Canfield



spots fill up quickly as the number of participants are limited due to one to one coaching and a personalized soul-blueprint reading being part of the program

You feel, you have a beautiful mission......but

You can have the most amazing vision, intentions, and services -- but if you don’t know the art of building a soulbased business, the mission you are the messenger of, and how to share your gifts in the RIGHT way 

 -- you’ll never reach your dream, the right clients and the income you desire.

So - commit to you and your mission. And let's work against your mission accomplished, TOGETHER!

Go ahead and book a clarity call and you can be off on the RIGHT PATH tomorrow! 

You can do this!! Much Love. Helena

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am new to business?

This course is for everybody, even you with little experience. If you want a prequalifying 20 min. call prior to diciding, mail me at

What if I'm not good at copywriting?

To run an online business, you need to be able to produce copy and marketing text. If this is not your area of excellence, we will discuss with you during your course, what you can do instead!

How does the money back guarantee work?

We are happy to give your money back within 14 days after your purchase. THOUGH - refunds will NOT be issued if you have had any personal session with me or Ingrid

Will this course work for me?

If you have any doubts or questions i encourage you to book a free clarifying call . mail me at

How much time shall I set aside?

It depends on your skills, goals and commitment. I will say 1-2 hours a day. Mail me at if you want a free call to ask your questions

What will happen during summer holiday?

You will be spoiled, nurtured and SURPRISED!! :). Don't worry, we have your back and all will run smotthly during summer!

Enter your text here...

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

This program is not a lottery ticket though. It requires you show up and do the work. If you do, you will reach your goals. However, if for any reason you aren't satisfied with the have a full 14 days, to email us and receive a 100% Money Back no questions asked. Refunds are only issued if you have NOT received any personalized help, coaching and readings.


I struggled with lost soul remembrance for most of my life....

I felt embarrassed because I have somewhere near 15 years training as a coach, psychotherapist, energy worker, personal mentor, leader, etc. (Just to mention a few). 

One day it struck me.... 

I'm playing along in the "stay invisible and insignificant" trance.

I'm doing exactly what I am supposed to do... To fit into the old paradigm... That I so much want to step out of, and help people step out of. 

That day was a turning point. That day I decided that... Enough is enough. Either I commit, or I forget this whole thing.

I guess we are all faced with that choice. If you feel ready to commit to your path, I will be honored to see you on the other site!

Much love - Helena