Lets explore your soulmission and voice - together! 

Do you find yourself:

  • Keep changing niche, message or service?
  • Not having found your "souls work" and thereby feeling uncertain and blocked when it comes to express it with clarity in your messaging and marketing?
  • Feeling you have "a calling" inside, but you cant nail it?

In this 30 min free call, we will make sure you gain clarity about:

  • If there is "something" inside you, that you will be able to bring to the world as a service and income generating product
  • What you can do to gain full clarity on your exact skills, greatest gifts and message
  • What is mostly blocking you from fully entering your soulbusiness path

Go ahead and book your free call! So you can enter the right path to your dream, now!

About Helena

Helena has 20 year's experience unleashing  peoples deepest, greatest skills, gifts and mission, and turning them into "an asset on paper". Background as psychotherapist, Coach, Energy Healer, priestess initiate and Quantum Flow Practitioner - among other things. You can read more HERE