About Me.

We all struggle with the same feelings of dis empowerment. After serving as psychotherapist, coach, healer and dream-mentor for thousands of people for 20 years, I have come to realize, that in the end, its the same fears, unconscious patterns and distorted self-image, that we all struggle with.

At the core we find feelings of unworthiness, of smallness, of dis empowerment and of lost remembrance of who we are at a deep soul level. 

I am not alone claiming this. In fact, it was at the core of the old wisdom traditions. Many healers etc around the world today, operate with the same frame of understanding.

For you this means, that your wounds and subconscious patterns are not your personal evil spell - its the energy of an old, distorted paradigm, that is installed in you!! Thats a massive relief. And it means that you can bypass the grip that this outdated, low frequency paradigm have on you. And from there enter the remembrance of your true power and divinity. Of your mission and unique blueprint. This will serve you as a PROFOUND foundation creating your life and your business. 

This is what I am here to do! To remind, you, to teach you and to guide you out of the darkness and in to the light, so that you finally understand, that you are SO VERY entitled to create, pursue and manifest everything you dream of. You don't have to play small and insignificant. In fact, who are you to not claim the awesomeness of your soul and greatest gifts.

I suffered deeply for years, because I was stuck in the unworthiness energy. And in the energy of "life is not supporting you". You cannot count on getting whet you really desire.

The sufferings most of all came from the fact, that when we feel unsupported, insignificant and worthless, we have to build a massive stress level in our body - to deal with experiencing constant grief over living in a world that in all ways it can, will keep you small, dimmed down and stuck in believing you just have to live with it. I know all about how it is to try to erase yourself, so that the world will not notice you and maybe leave you alone. 

I was lucky. Because somehow the voice of my soul guided me through the darkness, confusion and lost-ness. At that time, I didn't know that the "feeling" I had inside, was a deep remembrance and the silent whisper of my soul. I just started to follow the "path" that was given me in those messages. 

Walking this path gave me some pretty significant teachings about all the "weird" ways in which we try to dimm down and sleepwalk through life. And along this path I entered my souls blueprint and my gifts in terms of "being able to read people, their light, their darkness, their blocks and their greatness". 

All those experiences, fights and insights are what i today have build into my offerings - to help people into remembrance and into connecting with the truth of who they are, and from there create WHATEVER they desire.

Are you done with being stuck and trying to be like all the others? Even you know, you are not?

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