Turn your souls voice and mission into a sustainable, abundant and aligned soulbusiness

  • Reclaim your voice and message
  • Share your voice with confidence
  • Create your life´s work - doing what you were born to do! 

Reclaim your voice and message, and discover, what you were born to do.

Share your voice with full clarity and alignment - utilizing 5D business technology of the future.  

Create your life´s work - and the freedom, abundance and inner peace you dream of, sharing your deepest gifts in the new consciousness paradigm

Is there something inside you that feels like a mission?

That something is your souls voice. The whisper, of what you were born to do on this planet!

Soulbased entrepreneurs or emerging soulpreneurs often struggle to gain total clarity of the gifts they were born with, the blueprint of their soul, causing them to feel stuck. 

Or you feel caught up facing barriers as visibility-fear, unworthiness and lack of clartity, focus and consitent, aligned actions.

Can I can help you enter clarity about your mission and greatest gifts? 

The art of reclaiming AND monetizing your gifts..

You might have the feeling, that being on the journey becoming a soul-preneur - an entrepreneur with a mission coming from your soul, is not a normal entrepreneurial or personal journey.

Values as freedom, authenticity and alignment are at stake for you! Still you have to master business skills of the future to monetize your gifts.

How to build a sustainable business is an art, that we learn alongside shattering our personal limitations and deeply ingrained patterns of "playing small".

Are you caught in the visibility-fear, and trying to be someone you are not?

I am here to tell you, that the inner stuff is only a small part of whats holding you back.

Many soulpreneurs find themselves stuck here.

We tend to blame ourselves, as if the reason we cant move forward is because of some "inner stuff" we need to clear.

There is a less painfull reason, that has to do with the much more peaceful and tangible fact, that you have not yet not learnt the fundamental steps for creating your soulbusiness in todays world.

You feel an inner block against moving forward because of this.

Almost as if your soul or inner guidance is trying to tell you, that you are hesitant for a very valid reason.

Another major reason soulpreneurs cant move forward

Is simply because they cant enter full clarity about their souls blueprint.

The blueprint that consists of your unique "soul-DNA", your greatest gifts as a healer, coach or transformator, and the transformation you were born to facilitate.

Without this deep remebrance of your "secret magic", you often feel lost and if you dont have a clear vision and light guiding you

Of course.......It cant really be any different I would say!

Now is a new time. Are you done with the "small and unworthy trance" we have been paralyzed into for 2000 years? You hereby have permission to express your greatest gifts and authentic voice!

Helena Maria -

The 4 pillars soulpreneurs must implement

To have a fundament, that truly supports their dream and soul-journey..

- Clarity on their mission and blueprint and how to monetize it in the new "from 3D to 5D online business era".

- Knowledge of how the brain operates (and often hold you back) when we are ascending to higher levels. So that you can stay on track, when inner barriers arises.

- The basics and soulaligned businessbuilding tools that allows you to clearly and confidently share your message

- How to market your gifts and offerings in todays very competitave market

Feeling frustrated because you struggle to find your mission and message in your business as a soul-preneur?

And you can't move on?

get access to the rigth ressources for you and enter the path MEANT for you - with clarity and empowerment!

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Neal - expressiv creator

"I was quite surprised by Helena's clairvoyance and insight into my problems. She was able to nail exactly where the "epi-center" in my fear, resided, and to work focused with it, so that through the session, I could tap into my higher version and install a new, powerful and "true" Imprint in my nervous system. My energy was completely transformed after the session. Fantastic. Thanks".

Christina - awakening woman

I felt really embraced, both as a human being and in terms of my pain/challenge.

Helena, you were super professional in the way you guided me, and everything made so much sense.

I have never felt accepted, without any judgement, like i did in our session, before. I am really happy and grateful for that.

I'm completely blown away because it all made so much sense to me. It was truly a lifechanging session!

Tatiana - tapping into her dream

Dearest Helena.

Thank you so much for the session.

You were so present and focused on what might be the blocks preventing me from manifesting my truest desire.

In reality this is what my biggest challenge is all about! You nailed it!

I feel your empathy, and how you tune into me, in order to connect with my core, so that i can express my desire in true alignment with who I really am.

I felt so seen and heard, which makes me feel both very moved and embraced at the same time. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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